Guangzhou Baiyuan Pump Group Co., Ltd.


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            Company Profile
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            Guangzhou Baiyuan Pump Group Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful international metropolis - Guangzhou, is a research and development, design, manufacture and sales of various types of pumps, water supply facilities, water treatment equipment, pumps and other products with the control equipment, a large-scale high-tech industry as a whole Group; is the pump industry"s leading enterprises, pump leading enterprises in Guangdong Province.

            Group owns six companies, with a total area of 260 acres. After two decades many hardships in temper, the group has scored brilliant achievements and outstanding performance, has won the "China Machinery Industry 500 - Pump 10 Strong", "National Inspection-free Product", "Chinese energy-saving products", "National User satisfaction with products "," Guangdong Province "," brand-name products in Guangdong Province "," high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province "," Guangzhou City, Shou contract re-credit enterprise "and so on more than 40 national and provincial and municipal Honor.

            Technological innovation as the fundamental, product quality as the core of the Guangzhou Baiyun Pump Group technology development strategy. Group set up in Shenyang National"s leading technology research and development center, and with South China University of Technology, Shenyang Institute of pumps and other domestic well-known universities and research institutes to establish a long-term and close cooperative relations, so that the Group has a core technology innovation system.

            The Group has advanced production and testing equipment more than 300 sets, the introduction of advanced CFD fluid flow field analysis of the professional support system and three-dimensional SOLIDWOKS, CAD, CAM-aided design and manufacturing, built a large-scale, fully automatic computer-controlled "water pump Test Center "in strict accordance with" 6S "management model and the ISO quality system requirements for controlling the production process to ensure product quality.

            Group"s main products are water supply equipment, building automation, environmental environmentally friendly sewage treatment pumps, municipal tap water circulating water pumps and so on more than 60 series, more than 15,000 standard models, the annual production capacity of 15 million units (sets), widely used in in construction, water treatment, electric power, petrochemical, steel, mining, chemical, fire fighting water supply and drainage in such areas as engineering, life, industry, sewage treatment and other environmental protection projects, product coverage throughout the country and exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe United States and other countries and regions. User demand is that we go all out cause.

            Group sales in the country set up six Area more than 100 sales branches, eight large service centers and more than 70 service outlets, to take "the whole process, all-weather and threw himself, all-round" and "four-wide" service model, the establishment of the maintenance of the four-hour rapid response mechanism for pre-sale, the carrying out after-sales service to provide reliable protection.

            Looking ahead, Guangzhou Baiyun Pump Group will continue to advance with the times, blaze new trails, making Pioneer Pump, pump the struggle to revitalize the nation!

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